Again already with working conditions?  Bear with me. Since the move out-of-doors, the list of complaints grows to include the following:

  • There is no pool boy to bring me a Mai Tai.
  • There is no pool.
  • Yeah I brought out the fancy ergonomic stool but the patio is inclined a bit and the thing is on wheels. That darn gravity.
  •  Usually the only sounds here in paradise are the birds, bees, a light breeze, the burbling flowing water and the tinkling of wind chimes. Somewhere in the distance But other times, we are in a ravine and acoustics is what it is, there are –
    • Leaf blowers
    • Chain saws
    • Wood chippers
    • Hammering, sawing, pounding and all sorts of power tools
    • And worst of all, like today, someone somewhere up above is playing some sort of music.  All I am getting is some sort of drum beat over and over and over and over again.  Jungle drums it ain’t.

Shed no tears. Spare no sympathy. Don’t report me to OSHA, well CAL-OSHA – they’re probably still on the job.

I’ll just have buck up and make my own Mai Tai.  There are those they might say – under the right conditions* – that I make a pretty mean Mai Tai.

How does any work get done at all, eh?


*after a couple of Mai Tai’s

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