It dawned on me not long ago that my writing is now pretty much done without pen, pencil or paper.  I say this a bit sadly.  I love my Blackwing 602’s, my Waterman, my “yella” pads and manuscript paper.  Oh yes, manuscript paper and handwritten scores.
IMG_3550At least I love the thought of them.  When there was no other way, I got into to how notation was supposed to look. Back with pens with special nibs.  Vellum and all that.  But with the rise of the machines, copiers first,  pens became pencils.  Always was hard for me to get the right look with a pencil.  The machines have it all now.  And I am not complaining.  I’ve worked with notation software since it first came out.  I wouldn’t , I couldn’t go back.  There is just something far more romantic about the procrastination tactic of sharpening your pencils.

Scripts, lyrics, words – so much easier to shuffle, delete, undelete, search, revise, redo, edit, file and trash with the infernal machine.

I shipped a huge box to New York full of all the paper generated by the show.  And even with all the changes that took place there, never looked at any of it.  Still haven’t.  Maybe someday the Library of Congress will want it someday.  It’s in the garage.

Not that much nostalgia. Though you can’t get away from paper, scripts, vocal parts, orchestra parts, lots of binders.IMG_1489

Still some cast members rehearsed with their iPads.

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